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Dog Mom Shirts - Short Sleeve & Long Sleeves

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You are one of the fortunate ones that get to call yourself a dog mom. In fact, 60% of pet owners are female. Hand in paw, you and your fur baby are partners in everything. Cuddling, napping, watching TV, going on walks, going on car rides, and enjoying cappuccinos and puppuccinos together. You adore them and they obviously adore their sweet and nurturing dog mom. 

We know our dogs love by how they greet us when we arrive home, and how they check up on us when we are in different rooms. When your pupper cuddles next to you, this shows that they trust and feel safe in your company. 

We know that as humans, we have a desire to nurture and take care of other humans and animals. As dog moms, our attachments to our dogs are special. We love taking care of them, making sure they get the right food, and supplements to help keep them healthy. We also make sure that our sweet furry friends get enough time outside going on walks and playing. Being a dog mom is a full-time job, but one that we truly love. 

You love that the dog mom merchandise market has all the fun apparel and accessories that help you show off your dog mom pride. You’ve probably filled your closet with all the dog mom apparel you can get your hands on. 

PAWZ may already be a bookmarked site on your browser, or you came across us while searching for more dog-centric apparel to fill your closet. We offer fun accessories for both you and your dog to match and show the world your love for each other.

Short & Long Sleeve Shirts

As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s time to put away the jackets and coats. If you’ve been snuggling in your PAWZ hoodie or crew neck all winter long it may be time to tuck them away until the cooler temperatures of fall make their way around again. We feel your pain in having to put away the comfy and cozy winter layers, but you can still keep repping your PAWZ style with our variety of apparel. 

As a dog mom, the love for our fur babies fills our hearts. You can show this same love on the outside with our huge collection of dog mom theme short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. Our tees are a great choice when it comes to all your indoor and outdoor adventures during the warmer months. PAWZ tees keep you stylish and cool on beach days, days filled with yard work, or even just out on the town. We have new additions to our collections weekly, and our collections span every occasion you can think of.

Short-Sleeve Tees

We have plenty of patterns and styles for all occasions. When it comes to short-sleeve tees, our PAWZ Dog Mom Camo Crop is a perfect choice for workouts or days out on the town when the weather is hot and sunny.  Our Pastel Tie Dye Classic Tee is a great option for a casual day running errands or just hanging out with friends. The pretty pastel colors on the tie-dye keep you feeling bright and cheerful while also showing off your love for dogs. 

You can still keep your doggy sense of style for the warmer holidays. Show off your luck with the PAWZ Shamrock Tee. The adorable St. Patrick’s Day design is a four-leaf clover made up of tiny paw prints. Our American Dog Mama Tee ignites your American pride while showing off your dog mama side. 

Long Sleeve Shirts

Our long sleeve shirts are a great layering piece for when it’s just warm enough outside to leave the jacket at home. Of course, we know that warmer weather equals longer walks and time spent outside. Your doggo will be thrilled to get out of the house and bask in some quality sunshine. 

You can keep the chill off with all of our dog mom long sleeve tees. You know we also have you covered for the cooler holidays as well. Your spooky side will come out with the PAWZ Candy Bones Long Sleeve. This long sleeve will perfectly complement whatever adorable costume you dress your pup in. We can’t talk about how much we love our fur babes without mentioning a Valentine’s Day long sleeve. The PAWZ My Dog My Forever Valentine broadcasts the furever love you have for your furry best pal.

Stylish Clothes and a Good Cause

While you can really wear your heart on your sleeve with our PAWZ apparel, you can also support a special cause that is special to us all. When you purchase anything from PAWZ, a part of your purchase goes to help dogs find their furever homes. Being stylish and supporting this important cause is a total win-win for us all. 

PAWZ donates 10% of our net profits to help raise awareness and support local and national no-kill shelters and animal welfare organizations. We want to save all the adorable animals and help them find homes. We also partner with Best Friends Animal Society, which brings awareness to shelters across the country by sharing innovative and inspiring life-saving tactics to community shelters. 

By purchasing any of our cute apparel and accessories you are doing your part by raising awareness and saving dogs. It’s simple: PAWZ keeps you stylish, and you’re helping Best Friends make our country no-kill for shelter pets. 


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