As a dog parent, your sweet pup is your best buddy. Your camera roll on your phone is filled with your dog doing all the cute things, like sleeping, cuddling with their favorite toy, or warming their tummy in the sun. You pay special attention to their diet and their treat intake — and if you’re like us, treats are probably given out a little too often. We know you have to reward your bestest boy or girl for being the cutest!

      You go to work so your dog can have the good life. Your dog has a ridiculous amount of treats and toys, and you are always keeping your eye out for more. When it comes to your own life choices, your dog is a part of the decision making process. 

      Looking for a new place? A backyard is a must! New furniture? Purchasing a furniture cover is a no-brainer. At the store? Stock up on the lint brushes!

      When it comes to your clothing choices, you may keep your eyes out for anything “dog mom” or “dog dad” related. You just can’t help but to tell the world how much you adore your dog and how happy you are to be their parent. For all you puppy mommas and puppy daddys out there, PAWZ is going to be your favorite brand for finding the perfect dog-focused apparel.

      Our clothing features our signature paw print in a variety of styles, and we also have items with dog-themed phrases that are super cute to express the love you have for your pupper. 

      The Dog Parent Hoodies You Didn’t Know You Needed

      Our dog-centric apparel is perfect for walks, errands, and chilling with your favorite pup, like our Dogmama crewneck that shows off your dog mama pride. Our PAWZ Rainbow Prism College Hoodie is another great choice when you want to keep it chill, cozy, and colorful. 

      We offer a wide variety of collections like our Floral collection featuring all things nature. Can you get any cuter? Layer them under a plain t shirt, or make a statement with matching graphic tees.

      Our Stay Pawzitive collection of graphic sweatshirts and hoodies helps keep you motivated and ready for whatever the day brings you. We have a multitude of collections with graphics that will keep you on theme for any holiday. These hoodie sweatshirts look great with jeans, joggers, leggings, and anything else that helps you keep up with your pup. 

      Our hoodies and crewnecks keep you warm and cozy in the winter, while our tees and tanks keep you cool during those dog days of summer. Grab a grey graphic hoodie or a mens black hoodie to keep a low profile, or check out our colorful, cotton blend women's graphic hoodies to make a statement. You’ll get all the compliments on your cute and stylish outfits. 

      A collection that is near and dear to our hearts is our Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) + PAWZ collection. Best Friends Animal Society brings more awareness to no-kill shelters, and supports shelter dogs all across the nation in finding safe and loving homes. 

      As a dog parent, we know that your heart goes out to these shelter pups as well. You may have even adopted a rescue, so you know first hand the rewarding love and companionship you receive from your special pupper. 

      Why Choose PAWZ?

      We created PAWZ to raise awareness and funds to help save dogs’ lives and find them loving homes. We champion and support no-kill shelters to help save innocent pups and get their to their furever homes. We donate 10% of our net profits to local and national no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare organizations.

      In addition to letting PAWZ help fill your wardrobe with our new arrivals, unique designs, and fresh takes on the latest trends, we also offer the opportunity to purchase beds, plush pals, and rubber bone toys for shelter dogs so they can have the best experience possible. 

      While you may have room in your heart for all the dogs, you may not have the square footage. Thankfully, you can make a difference by providing a warm, soft bed and fun toys to dogs who are waiting to find their loving families. 

      Treat Your Pup and Yourself

      You may be asking if we offer any products for your pupper, and the answer is, “Of course!” We could never leave out our furry besties.

      Matching collars and leashes keep your pupper safe and sound on walks, since we know some breeds think with their noses! We also have cute bandanas to keep your fur baby looking stylish. 

      Another pawfect way to twin and accessorize with your dog is with our Best Friend necklace and collar tag, allowing each of you to be together even when you’re apart. 

      PAWZ uses quality material that can keep up with your busy schedule. Our hoodies and other products are printed in the United States, and we ship worldwide! We also know that sometimes you need a different size, and returns are easier than getting your pup to stop eating leaves on their daily walks. Much, much easier. 

      Our biggest mission here at PAWZ is to use our outfits and accessories to raise awareness to save dogs’ lives. We want all puppers to find a loving and warm home. We donate 10% of profits to no-kill shelters so we can try to do our part in saving all the dogs! We also create cute and comfy apparel that will keep you looking stylish while showing your big heart for our furry friends. 

      It’s simple: PAWZ keeps you stylish, and you’re helping Best Friends Animal Society make our country no-kill for shelter pets.