Hip & Joint Supplement - Pawz
Hip & Joint Supplement
Hip & Joint Supplement
Hip & Joint Supplement
Hip & Joint Supplement - Pawz
Hip & Joint Supplement - Pawz
Hip & Joint Supplement - Pawz
Hip & Joint Supplement - Pawz

Hip & Joint Supplement

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  • Food Topper For Easy Use: Our powder can go right on top your dog's food no matter what brand you use!  Dogs love the beef flavor!
  • Promotes Joint Health & Mobility: Specially formulated to nourish joint tissues and effectively support the mobility and flexibility of dogs at any stage of life.
  • Reduces Joint Discomfort & Inflammation: Contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that may work together to reduce swelling and discomfort in the joints, enhancing your dog's quality of life.
  • Supports Cartilage Health & Repair: Enriched with essential nutrients that may help repair and regenerate damaged cartilage, ensuring your dog's joints stay strong and resilient.
  • Supports Bone Strength: Fortified with minerals and vitamins may be essential for maintaining optimal bone density and health, helping to prevent future joint issues.
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1 Bottle: 30 day supply (for most dogs)

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$ 34.99
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$ 34.99
  • Cancel or Pause at Any Time
  • Exclusive Promotions & Discounts
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$ 34.99
  • Cancel or Pause at Any Time
  • Exclusive Promotions & Discounts
  • Delivery every 30 days
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Why Dogs Are Barking About It

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9 Powerful Ingredients

Canine Specific Forumala for Better Health


Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Reduces occasional stiffness in the joints from exercise and activity



Supports collagen production for flexible joints and connective tissue


Organic Turmeric

Helps with occasional discomfort in the joints by supporting the body’s natural inflammatory response system


Chondroitin Sulfate

Promotes joint function and cartilage flexibility while also supporting joint lubrication



Helps dogs digest and absorb nutrients by breaking down complex carbohydrates



Aids in the production of cartilage and supports normal bone development


Grape Seed Extract

May suppress bone destruction associated with arthritisand that it significantly reduced pain and joint damage



May help to avoid chronic inflammation and support better immune function


Vitamin E

Helps reduce inflammation joint markers and histological expression, as well as reduce the pain associated

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See What Our Customers Think...

Tina M. says:

This was my first purchase, first of many😉!! and I am beyond happy with it 🐾🌟🐾

Paula H. writes:

I absolutely love that the money spent goes directly to the dogs... I will definitely purchase more in the future. Thank you for all you do for the fur babies.

Laurie A. shares:

Everything I’ve bought from you before it is top quality, and I love it, especially knowing where the funds go to help our pups!
Thank you for continuing the service, and I look forward to buying more from you!


If your dog weighs


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Up to

25 lbs

60 days

26-50 lbs

30 days

51 -100 lbs

15 days


100 LBS

10 days

Our Mission is to help as many dogs as we can! We designed our supplements to improve the health of our customer's dogs, while still giving 10% profits to saving dogs from euthanasia!

Order Hip & Joint Today and Save Dog's By Improving Your Dog's Health!


Our hip and joint supplement is formulated to support dogs of all ages. Whether it’s a preventative measure for younger dogs or to alleviate existing joint issues in older dogs, our supplement is designed to cater to the needs of every life stage.

While individual results may vary, many dog owners report noticing improvements in mobility and reduced signs of discomfort within 4 to 6 weeks of consistent daily use. Optimal results are typically observed with long-term use.

We prioritize safety and quality in our supplements. We recommend reviewing the ingredient list and consulting with your vet if your dog has specific food sensitivities.

Our supplement is made with palatability in mind, ensuring it’s appealing to dogs. If your dog is hesitant, try mixing the supplement with their favorite food or treat. Consistency is key for optimal results, so finding a way to incorporate it into their routine is crucial.

Our Mission

At PAWZ, our mission is to raise money and awareness to help save the hundreds of thousands of shelter dogs who are killed in U.S. animal shelters every year. Thanks to customers just like you, so far we have donated over $300,000 to no kill animal shelters! Every order continues to help us on our mission!